Is it right to ask for a free tarot reading?

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This is a issue I deal with on a regular basis and I shouldn't have to, but right now I am going to get all my emotions out and kick political correctness and being polite to the curb. This is MY raw, hard, pure, uncut take on this issue and I have a right to my feelings.

I have had people all up in my DM telling me that I am not supposed to charge for readings and spiritual guidance, that I am supposed to give these services for free as it is a gift to be shared and to them I say "Fuck That!"

I also get the people that contact me asking for the FREE ,FREE and expecting it NOW,NOW with questions like:
- Can you tell me?
-Can I get a free reading? I say no, they say "Why?"
-I was wondering if you could tell me?
-Could you pull a few cards for me?
-This is an emergency can you help me?

I work hard and long, spend plenty of time studying, reading books and money on cards, courses and classes to develop and grow, so when people ask me for free readings I feel disrespected and insulted. Period.

I am sure when these people go to the doctor, lawyer or any other trained professional who has invested in their craft they do not ask free services (I hope not) so what makes approaching a tarot reader for FREE services any different? NOTHING! So much goes into a reading, first looking past the mundane, the aspecting of cards such as symbols, facings, elemental dignities, numbers, movement, voids, barriers, progression, missing elements and so much more in relation to the guidance being sought and the questions being asked. DAMN! I could go on and on as tarot is a ongoing study and constantly reveals more to those who open themselves up to it.

There MUST be an exchange of energy (my enlightened intuition and your currency) as something for nothing is NEVER, EVER truly appreciated, respected or taken seriously and if I AM GIVING out MY energy to someone who does NOT GIVE back or fill my void I do NOT get replenished, Is that fair? NO! People are more likely to brush off a free reading than one they invested their time and money into because if something is not paid for it is not valued.

I want these people to understand that this is my livelihood. This is what I do for a living and I’m really good at it. So, if you’re interested, I’ll be happy to service you.

I write this to vent and to make those who think to approach me on this issue to think twice, HELL, just don't do it!

I am a trained professional who knows her worth.


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