Is your Tarot Reading not resonating? Could it be your Reader?

Posted by Celestine Lipsey on

There may be times when a reading may not resonate at first but never brush it off.  You may need to meditate on it and give it time as tarot cards are able to see past your current situation and the mundane of your now into your future. 

 You may have a barrier in your path that has you blocked, or that you can't or refuse to see past but the tarot, being the no respecter of persons and not caring about your feelings (energy that it is), can and will deliver the messages unfiltered and without resistance. 

Another reason your reading may not resonate could be that you are using the wrong reader.  Do you feel comfortable with your reader? Did you feel a connection when you were researching them? This could be the foundation for your reading not resonating, something as simple as a good vibe connection.  

Always trust your instincts when choosing a reader and ask questions before you commit your hard earned money. Treat this like an interview as this is a job, you are the boss and they are the applicant.  Do not let a reader play on your fears or let them read for you if  you feel any resistance or hesitation about them as this is your higher self warning you.  

You need to have confidence  and trust in your reader as a professional that you are hiring to aid  you as tarot readings are deeply personal.  This confidence will create a clean vibration from you to them and from them to the cards to allow for a more fluid flow of  your reading.

You should feel empowered by the reader you choose and the reading you get also you should be able to feel that you have a plan and divine guidance to make a positive next move in your situation.
Keep in mind: Clarity in the answers to your questions and a connection that is trusted to the person you are allowing to chime in on your personal business is ultimately what is desired from a tarot reading. 


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