My first blog post

Posted by Celestine Lipsey on

This is me stepping COMPLETELY out of my comfort zone and starting a blog.
This will be unstructured and possibly random sometimes. If there is something you would like me to address contact me with your suggestion.
I AM sure I will loosen up as time goes on.
Tarot Why?
I have people ask me for phone readings constantly but I don't do readings by phone because the way I aspect the cards charging by time would be expensive and a disservice. 
I don't require additional information to get a vibe on your energy concerning the insight or guidance you desire, your name and question is all I need.
With that alone I am able to focus and I can give a more detailed reading and with time (delivery time) I am able to meditate on your question/spread and get a clear flow of your cards and their symbolism, and type it out with clarity.
There is power in the writing process for me and it gives you something with details and pictures to reference. There is no rush and I don't. 


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