Why I Tarot

Posted by Celestine Lipsey on

Blogging is uncharted, terrifying territory for me but my cards told me to face new opportunities willingly and with gratitude. As I type this the resistance is so strong I almost want to cry, DAMN!

I tarot because I desire to help people and make a difference that will truly inspire, shift and transform while bringing value to their lives.

My niche is relationships and I endeavor to offer insight and guidance to the brokenhearted, confused and those who are having a hard time figuring out how to move forward or get past issues that are challenging.

I am confident in the services and products I provide as I have used them to heal myself and create peace and harmony in my own life over the last 10 years.

Why should you trust me? I have close to 10 years tarot experience, a wealth of emotional wisdom, thousands of satisfied clients and over 400 positive responses to my services/products and readings.

How can I help you? I offer readings, guidance and curios tailored to your specific needs, and insight that will allow you to view your situation from a different perspective that will empower and aid you on your current path and your decision making.


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