Monthly Reading package

Regular price $65.00

This is a package NOT A SUBSCRIPTION.

I only offer 12 of these a month.

My intent is to consistently provide you with practical everyday insight to help you with your daily life.

You will get 1 video Reading via YouTube link, like this one 


once a month with the same spread and at the same cost as my old full moon reading but in a package of 5. 

So, you get your $11 reading once a month (doesn't have to be the full moon but it will be the same spread) for the next 5 months at a $55 +$6 processing fee. Total $61.

Your Question must be submitted by the end of the full moon cycle.

If you have not given one by then I will assume you want what the Universe wants for you to know right now and I will pull cards accordingly.

If you have a question after the full moon cycle it will have to move to the next month or feel free to purchase a reading.

NO refunds or combinations with any other Readings By Celeste’s service offers or specials.

Once you submit payment here or to  you can submit your question.

It will be delivered by YouTube link within 5 business days. 

If you need it sooner a $20 express fee sent to the above PayPal is required. 

It will be the same format just expedited.

If you have any questions or suggestions please email them to me as I want this service to be something you value, depend on, respect, and look forward to.

Be well and till soon.