60 minute Phone Tarot Consultation

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60 minute Phone Oracle Session


 🐝Leave your contact number in the notes so I can schedule your session along with the 1st Question you want to start with.

Ask all the questions on as many subjects as your time allots.


I suggest that you write them down as to maximize your reading time.

Are you at a crossroads hoping for the right direction to draw you in?
Wouldn't it be empowering to get clarification on things you are concerned about to put your heart and mind at ease?
How about if you could get understanding with direction and validation to your questions that would motivate you to make real-life changes?
I will give you an informative Oracle Session that will give you all of this and more.
Readings that are cryptic, rigid and vague do not serve you.
You need direct, to the point insight and candid honesty to assist you in getting through opposition, along with gentle encouragement to stay positive through all situations.
I will give you legit guidance that aligns with what is going on in your life, take you deeper into your spirituality and offer another perspective.
By allowing the Universe to work through me, the cards will reveal what you think you are hiding and provide you with advice and confirmation that you will appreciate and use.

My mission is to provide Outstanding readings that encourage, forewarn and prepare you to be attentive and eager to address your obstacles.