Confidence Call

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Confidence is built on what you learn from the results of your choices, risks, and accomplishments.
When you are confident you are secure in yourself, your emotions are positive and you are happy and proud of who you are and what you do.
On this call, I will help you cultivate a positive attitude about yourself and provide spiritual guidance on how to deal with any negative emotions that block you from appreciating the unique value and perspective you bring.
I will help you to set goals that will increase your confidence and provide you with Universal guidance and affirmations that will unearth and help you develop your latent powers.


➡️This is a 30 minute enlightenment call and not a reading. I do use cards, iching, runes and Pendulum during your session to uncover your blocks and provide Universal guidance.


➡️Once you make your purchase I will contact you to schedule your call.