Healing from Divorce

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Divorce is a scary and painful state,
your emotions are high and you need understanding and answers to so many questions right now.

You want to know where things went wrong, what to focus on, how to best deal with this difficult situation and insight into your new normal.

You need guidance on how to begin your healing process, direction on how to move forward with the lessons you have learned from your marriage/divorce, and how to find happiness in the future.

I designed this reading to:
*Provide you with emotional support
*Give you a realistic view of things
*Provide you with advice that is for your highest good
*Help you focus on your well-being during this painful time
*Align you with the vibration of healing
and put you on the path to closure.
You will receive insight and pictures of your cards via email within 5 business days.
If you would like to make this a phone session this is possible. Contact  me FIRST before purchasing for time and costs as this is not a phone session.