My Question is....

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As you elevate, the answers you seek regarding your issues and conditions have to evolve past Right & Wrong and Yes & No.
Alignment and enlightenment should be the goal along with insight and guidance that will put you on the path to wholeness.
Life questions like:
  How do I live my best life now?
  What can I learn from the past?
  What is the status of my Relationship?
  How can I love myself?
  What is my life purpose?
  What do I most need to know about my relationship/love life?
  How can I move my career forward?
  How can I improve my relationship with __?
  What do I need to understand/know about?
  What should I do about the situation at work?
  How will the trip go?
  *Insight into my next 12 months/Birthday reading
  *Money/finances or career insight.
I provided these examples to help you if you needed focus and direction with your question phrasing.
If you need assistance please don't hesitate to ask me.
Ask your question and receive the guidance the Universe wants you to have right now. 


Be as open and detailed as possible. I will give you the guidance you need which may not be what you expect but what is vibrating the strongest
This is an email Oracle/Tarot reading delivered within 5 business days.