60 Minute Session

Regular price $168.00

Inquire before purchasing if you desire an in person reading as they are slightly more.


A session is helpful for almost any condition: 

*Relationship Problems

*Health Issues

*Career/Work-related situations

*Unlocking Habitual patterns

*Understanding Emotional reactions

*Stress and Anxiety etc.


🪬There is an extra fee for in person readings. Contact me before you book for details.


This session can be by phone, facetime, instagram chat or zoom.

All times are EST.


Just let me know what works for you.


I suggest at the very least that you have 📝pen and paper ready to take notes as guidance is given.


I have no problem with you recording or going live with your session.


☎️Please leave your contact number in the notes to seller if it is not in your client profile.


About 5-7 minutes before your session I will call you to exchange pleasantries, if there is no answer I will email.

If there is still no response I will text you.

I allow a 15 minute grace period.

If there is no contact from you within 16 minutes your session is cancelled.

There are NO refunds or returns on no call/no show or on ANY reading service and a new reading will have to be purchased and scheduled.


How the session flows:

I will ask you to state the question you want to start with to catch your vibe, as this is the surface issue that troubles you and it will clear the way for the rest of your questions to flow through with ease.


As you speak I will pull your cards and listen for the stress and patterns which are contributing to the situation. 


I will explain to you the symbolism the cards reveal along with the guidance and directions given so you can put it into practice and begin to transform your circumstances, your situation, and your life.


You will feel a greater sense of peace, clarity, and well-being following your session.


🚫I will not read on the subjects of death, sex of a child or legal outcomes.


All session times are 🕰EST.


*Once you purchase your session I will contact you to schedule.

*Leave your contact number and the 1st question you want to start with in the notes to seller section.