Learn from the Past Reading

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What repressed issue from your past could you learn from now if you were able to bring it to light?

What if I could assist you in finding a direct course of action to balance unresolved energy you continue to carry around? Energy that is influencing your current choices, emotions, thoughts, and outlook?

I can help you see the connection between your past and present,  give you guidance on how to get to a better place and provide you with insight that will support you in understanding yourself deeper.
I did this reading on myself and it was crystal clear! 
(Abbreviated version) I was not loved back the way I loved when I was a child by my parent's and this still affects me now with all of my relationships.  My course of action is to not cloud this moment (my now) with past pain and avoid the issue on all levels and planes.
Doing this particular reading on myself, even though I know my parents were issue ridden, confirms things for me on a deeper level. I can honestly say I feel differently, empowered even. The guidance to avoid them (I do this already with my mother and my father has passed) is the most powerful because I always thought I would have to get myself to a point to face her and not be moved, but now I have released that concern and will continue to keep my distance from her.  I AM excited to see how this deep release will manifest in my experience and my loving relationships!
This is an email reading and the delivery time is within 5 business days.