Prosperity Aspecting/General Reading

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Prosperity is health wealth and plenty and this reading is a self- and spiritual exploration of it all.
The spread I use for this reading is especially appropriate for inner and emotional issues, answering specific questions and exploring the forces that influence your situation.
The messages I receive from this deck are strong, very honest and allow health and material issues more space to flow in clarity and accuracy.
This reading and this deck are the perfect tool for exploring the relationships between you and your current conditions.

🧿 My goal is to help you 🆓free🦋 that spiritual 💫 part of yourself which is trapped by your fears, personal beliefs and self- loathing as well as those unrefined parts that keep you blocked, unclear and stagnated.
You deserve a reality that can give you the power and inspiration to lift and keep you attuned to the life of good that is, your reality.
Gain insight into your general health, finances, relationship and plenty along with guidance to help you make adjustments for greater fulfillment, peace of mind and more freedom


You can ask up to 6 questions 1 in each of the areas of:

1. Your present conditions.
2.  Your health and well-being.

3. Relationships. Be clear if you want a clear answer as the energy will come from whatever relationship (mother, brother, boss, person that cut you off, teacher, get me?) is giving off the strongest vibe.

4. What is heavy on your mind right now?

5. What will establish harmony in your Heart and spirit?

6. You finances and material prosperity. This be be you leading money, to bank issues or a personal transaction, so be clear.



Don’t ask a question at all! You will still gain insight, clarity and guidance.

🌸This is an email reading delivered within 5 Buisness days.