Rune Reading

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Runes deal mostly with current issues.
Runes represent a system of wisdom, power, and clairvoyance and are a powerful and effective divination tool.
Runes work well when you are hesitant about which path to take, attitude to adopt or choice to make, as well as in resolving dilemmas.
A Rune reading requires clear and precise questions to be able to give a coherent response. Avoid questions that demand a yes or no answer and instead ask questions like:

How does the future look for( Me, me and him, my job, etc)?
                                                                        What is important?

How should I act?

What will happen if I continue on this path?

As with any divination method, a question is not required but a vague response will be the result.
A Rune reading will enable you to identify immediate future developments and you will ultimately know where you are heading and understand the consequences of your recent actions.
Runes see the current situation and what is likely to happen if no changes are made.
Runes see the current situation and give insight as to the action that should be taken in this situation.
A Rune reading will enable you to face and deal with problems, as well as unveiling the secrets of energy and harmony.

A Rune reading is both precise and to the point, leaving no room for doubt.
*I will choose your spread based or your question.
This reading I may use Rune cards, Runes alone or a combination of both.
This is an email reading and will be delivered within 5 buisness days.