Self Love Reading

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Love relates to happiness, whether it is on ourselves or on others.
But self love is more important because it helps us to maintain  our own attitude, our own personal space and it also helps us to learn about ourselves on a deeper level.

Now is the time for self- love development and facing (black obsidian style) the deep hard questions.

I say Black Obsidian style because the Black Obsidian crystal cleanses emotional wreckage and debris from the past, acts as a mirror to your inner self and puts it in your face so you have to FACE it.
💖With this reading I will 💚provide you with insight into what is blocking you from a functioning, loving relationship,
💚enlightenment into knowing yourself better 💚and guidance on to how to love yourself deeper so you can love others and be loved back the way you desire.



The Delivery time for this reading is within 5 business days.