Shadow Work

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Your shadow manifests in many ways and areas of your life that you may not be aware of.

Your shadow is not a bad thing, it is a state where resistance, ignorance, and suppression dwell.

Coming to terms with this lack mindset (your shadow) makes room for more to manifest.

Confronting your shadow requires consistent work.

This work needs to be done in order to uncover it, and integrate it into your life on your terms.

This isn't an easy practice but it is worthy of its challenge.

Be prepared to face the unlovely parts of yourself with love.

Speak to your shadow and love it as it is here to teach you.

Through these questions (listed below) I will help you to shine your light on your shadow and reveal the lesson and the answers.

✨Please understand shadow work is constant, issues can be deep and it can take several readings to expose its origin.

✨Be open and patient with this process as this is much more than a reading.

1- What areas of my life need shadow work right now?

2-What parts of myself must I be prepared to face in this work?
3-What work must I do to uncover and resolve my shadow behavior?
4-In what other areas of my life does this shadow manifest itself?
5-How can I start integrating my shadow in my life?


This is an email reading and delivered within 5 business days.